Distance learning course to become a holistic nutrition consultant

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Distance learning course to become a holistic nutrition consultant
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By applying for the distance learning course as offered by the International Institute of Naturopathy you will get the opportunity to become an educated "Integrative Health and Nutrition Consultant". The German program this English distance learning course is based on is certified by the Zentrum der Gesundheit and has recently been approved by the German federal agency for the assessment of distance learning courses (ZFU). The graduation from this distance learning course enables you to conduct health and dietary consultations on the highest naturopathic level.


Distance learning course to become a dietary consultant – do it the holistic way!

The term " holistic"(derived from the Greek word for "whole, entire") refers to the idea that specific systems should be viewed in their entirety, thus as a whole rather than as mere collections of their parts. This, in a nutshell, is the special feature of this education program. Course participants will learn to consider the individual as a whole, as a therapy that only targets distinct organs or organs systems won’t be crowned with success because a human being is so much more than just the composition of these systems.

Furthermore, you will be equipped with comprehensive insights into nutrition physiology which offer unequaled opportunities for a new career.

The International Institute of Naturopathy does NOT propagate a special diet but it rather informs you about the different possibilities and their respective advantages and disadvantages. Becoming enabled to make the right decision on which diet is appropriate in the context of a given situation is just ONE goal of this education program.

Anatomy from a holistic point of view

The first part of this distance learning course to become an Integrative Health and Nutrition Consultant deals with the human anatomy. Our team of experts consisting of biologists, dietitians, and nutrition consultants successfully compiled the course material that will convey to you the subject matter from a holistic point of view in a way that will leave you excited about these issues which are generally considered to be somewhat uninspiring and dull.

Being descriptively illustrated, easily understandable and interestingly structured, our program will even give pleasure to newcomers in learning about the interaction of the body’s systems from a totally new perspective.

Simple Clean - die Darmreinigung

Individualized dietary consultation

But also the topic of „healthy nutrition" from a holistic point of view is second to none due to the unique representation and the abundance of interesting information you will be provided with. In the opinion of the Institute, there is no such thing as THE right diet suitable for every individual because every human being is unique.

Thus, dietary consultation has to give consideration to the personality and the individual needs of a human being. The ability to identify these individual requirements is another educational objective of this program.

Individual nutrition plans

To give consideration to a client’s individuality is of utmost importance when devising an individualized nutrition plan.

For this reason, our distance learning course to become an Integrative Health and Nutrition Consultant puts special emphasis on imparting the necessary and required knowledge to be able to do so.

Be excited

What are the underlying causes for illness? What is the significance of the acid-base balance, of the ground regulation of the connective tissue, and of the so-called homotoxins when it comes to health?

The answers to these and other questions are also part of our program, as is imparting knowledge of all those things apart from healthy eating that can be done to maintain and restore your health.

Who is suited to take the training?

The distance learning course to become an Integrative Nutrition and Health Consultant is suitable for laymen who are interested in naturopathy as well as for both health and / or dietary consultants who want to deepen their knowledge and physicians or therapists who are interested in optimizing their "therapeutic range” by integrating target-oriented dietary advice.

Joyful learning

Even though our distance learning program will be informative and subject-specific enough for the most meticulous and previously trained participants, we can guarantee you that it is easily understandable, exciting and interesting for everyone. Thus, this course to become an Integrative Nutrition and Health Consultant is an educational program that is highly pleasing and enjoyable.

For detailed information on the program please visit the following link: Free information: Distance learning course to become an Integrative Nutrition and Health Consultant

You can find out trial module by clicking on this link: Free trial module: Distance learning course

Here you can find the Facebook page of the International Institute for Naturopathy

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