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Cooking course - Basics of Vegan Cuisine

Would you like to learn how to cook healthy and delicious vegan food, but don't know how to get started? Then our Basics Vegan Cooking Course - which is available in English and German - is just the thing for you. Professional chef Jannis will guide you through the basics of purely plant-based cooking, from typical ingredients to the right kitchen equipment and demonstrating the various cooking methods.

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Basics Cooking Course: Immerse yourself in the world of vegan cooking

Start your culinary journey into the world of vegan cooking with us. Whether you are an experienced cook or new to the kitchen, this introductory course from our online cooking school will give you the knowledge and skills to prepare delicious and healthy plant-based dishes.

With 29 online lessons, you will learn the basics of vegan cooking. In the theory section, our expert chef will firstly explain what ingredients make plant-based cuisine so special, how to combine different flavours harmoniously, how to plan your shopping and what basic kitchen equipment will make preparation easier.

You will then learn about different cooking methods through 15 very different recipes. Have you ever wanted to know how to braise, glaze, steam and poach? You will learn all this and more in our Basics Vegan Cooking Course. By the end of the course, you will be able to prepare each of these recipes, giving you a large repertoire of purely plant-based dishes available at your fingertips.

This course contains

➡️ 29 comprehensive course lesson videos

➡️ 5.5 hours of video

(Feel free to browse our Vegan Online Cooking School. The current German language cooking courses such as: Turkish Vegan Cooking, Low Carb (plant-based only) Cooking, Gluten-Free Cooking and many more.)

Please find here our Basics Vegan Cooking Course in English.

What you will learn in our Basics Vegan Cooking Course

Expect 29 lessons packed with useful knowledge about the basics of healthy cooking.

  1. You will learn about different flavours and how to combine sweet, salty, sour and bitter.
  2. The path to delicious plant-based cuisine starts with the right equipment. In our cooking course, you will learn which utensils, pots and pans are essential for mastering the basics and conjuring up creative dishes.
  3. You will learn how best to set up and prepare your kitchen workspace. After all, working efficiently is the key to stress-free, enjoyable cooking.
  4. Discover a wealth of vegan ingredients that not only add flavour, but also nutrition to your dishes.
  5. You will also learn how to plan your shopping, and what to look out for when buying your ingredients.
  6. From the correct use of a knife, to advanced cutting techniques, we will guide you through the world of precise cutting and preparation of vegetables and other plant-based ingredients.
  7. Learn how to master different cooking methods to add variety and flavour to your dishes. From steaming to braising to grilling. You will learn which cooking methods work best for your dish, and how to put them into practice.
  8. Our 15 selected recipes are the foundation for creative cooking experiments. Let your imagination run wild and adapt the dishes to suit your tastes.

The Basics Course is online so you can learn at your own pace. You will also receive a handy handout (written course material, downloadable in PDF format) with all the important information and of course, all the recipes from the course to cook.

Please find here our Basics Vegan Cooking Course in English.

Basics Vegan Cooking Course certificate after passing the final test

You can put your newly acquired skills to the test by taking a final online test. If you pass, you will receive a certificate confirming your competence in the basics of healthy vegan cooking. We hope you have fun cooking and enjoy your healthy vegan home-cooked meals!

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