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The vegan cookery school has started

For people who want it all: healthy cooking, vegan enjoyment, wholefood feasting and spoiling the family with delicious food! In our cooking school you will learn vegan wholefood cooking from scratch! Our cooking professionals teach you conveniently online! For professional chefs, our courses are ideal for further training so that the vegan range in restaurants and hotels can be expanded - and taste great too!

Aktualisiert: 18 April 2024

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Cooking vegan like a pro: With the cooking school at ZDG.

Why a cooking school? It's simple: Healthy food is more fun the better it tastes! The better it tastes – the more often you’ll eat healthy. Therefore, if you can cook well, you’ll have a clear advantage. Better cooking doesn't mean spending hours in the kitchen every day preparing elaborate menus. On the contrary, you will know the crucial tricks and can conjure up delicious, healthy treats with just a few ingredients and in a short time.

In our online cooking school, our star chef Jannis shows you how to cook healthy, wholesome and nutritious vegan meals - in such a way that the whole family will enjoy them and friends and acquaintances will rave over your skills. Jannis is a cook with heart and soul. Would you like to get to know Jannis better? Then take a look at the following video:


Only the best cook with us!

The «Zentrum der Gesundheit» (center of health in English) was founded in 1999, so we’ve been informing subscribers for more than 20 years on all topics related to health, nutrition and naturopathy. We have been cooking since 2017. In the meantime, our vegan chefs have developed thousands of recipes. The 2000 best have been published on our website in the recipes section, many of them have also been filmed and can be seen on our cooking channel on Youtube.

We have published the most popular of our recipes in 5 cookbooks now, and the sixth is already in the works.

Our cooks Jannis, Ben and Deniz are professional chefs specializing in the "vegan cuisine". When you cook our recipes, you will notice that immediately. Because they are guaranteed to succeed, taste wonderfully aromatic and leave nothing to be missed.

This is what you will learn in our cooking school

In our cooking school you will learn how to cook purely plant-based, base-surplus and wheat-free, how to prepare desserts completely without sugar (white sugar) and how to do all of this in a way that it becomes a real pleasure experience.

You'll learn tricks and tips on how to prepare meals cleverly and in a short amount of time – when you need to get a meal on the table fast. You'll have a healthy meal ready for the whole family in no time. Best of all, you’ll learn which meals are great for takeout, so you'll never have to rely on unhealthy fast food on the go again.

We'll practice preparing simple and quick meals that are balanced, wholesome and delicious. However, we will also cook fancy recipes with you so that you will be well prepared for special occasions.

The goal of our cooking school

In our cooking classes we will teach you the basics of healthy, wholesome and vegan cooking, so that in the future you will be able to prepare perfect meals without a recipe - perfect in taste, nutritional value and sustainable. You will therefore learn everything you need to know to achieve this goal. The first course will start before the end of this year! We are really looking forward to it!

Our cooking school is for everyone – from beginner to professionals

Our cooking courses are suitable for beginners, advanced cooks and even for professional cooks. Because even trained cooks often lack the crucial know-how in vegan cooking. More and more people ask for vegan dishes in restaurants - and are often disappointed by what they are served. That's why we recommend our cooking school to chefs, so that your guests will be more than satisfied with your vegan dishes.

All cooking classes take place online

Since our cooking classes will initially take place online, you can participate whenever it's convenient for you - whether it's early in the morning, midday, in the evening or late at night.

The Basic course is online in English

You can book the first course - the basic course - in English, the other courses will follow soon. Here you can find the basic vegan cooking course

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