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30 März 2022
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Distance learning course to become a nutrition consultant - Feedbacks of our Graduates

(InN) - The International Institute of Naturopathy is a project of the Swiss Education Center Corporation, which was founded in 2015. Read about what current and former students have to say in their feedbacks about this training program to become a nutrition consultant and have fun learning more about the International Institute of Naturopathy.

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Feedbacks: Distance learning course to become a holistic nutrition consultant – Will you join us?

This distance learning course to become an Integrative Nutrition and Health Consultant is second to none in the world. Find out for yourself if this program is suitable for you and if it may satisfy your thirst for knowledge with regard to holistic information on nutrition and human health by reading feedbacks written by our international graduates.

  • Are you not only passionate about everything that deals with a healthy diet but also interested in the holistic point of view?
  • Are you curious about the anatomical secrets of the human body as well as about the nutritional and physiological aspects of the organism?
  • You don’t only want to know how to strengthen the body’s organs with the help of naturopathic measures, certain foods, and special micronutrients? Furthermore, you finally want to know about the characteristics of the optimal diet?
  • You are interested in criteria which make it easier for you to tell high-quality foods from inferior food items?
  • You want to learn how to overcome sugar addiction, what impact intestinal rehabilitation has on your health condition and even on your body weight, and what is meant by the term "self-healing ability" of the human body?
  • Additionally, would you be happy to know what aspects of nutrition are of importance when it comes to food intolerances that are increasingly occurring nowadays?
  • Do you dream about being a holistic dietary advisor who is able to address the problems of individuals with a sure instinct and a comprehensive understanding of the holistic approach to health and nutrition, and who knows about all the details and peculiarities of counselling special groups of people? As an Integrative Health and Nutrition Consultant, would you like to advise pregnant women, breast-feeding women, and children as well as elderly people and other individuals with certain health conditions?
  • Would you like to become an expert in weight management, being able to accompany underweight and overweight people on the journey to their individual ideal weight?

If you answered all these questions with a sounding "Yes", then the International Institute of Naturopathy is the right place for you. In order for you to learn everything you need to know about our distance learning program, we would like to invite you to a quick tour through our Institute.

Invitation to a quick tour through the Institute

The special thing about this tour? You are not going to be guided by us, but by your future fellow students. Thus, you will learn about the Institute straight from the horse’s mouth!

Find out what our students think about the distance learning course, how they evaluate the course material, what their feelings are about the e-Campus (forum), how they organize their learning process at home, how they already implemented their newly gained knowledge in their everyday-life, and much more.

But for now, let’s give our students the floor!

Feedbacks on the distance learning course of the InN

Please, take your time and read feedbacks and evaluations by our former and current students! Have fun learning more about the International Institute of Naturopathy.

Andrea, Malaysia

Dear team, At the beginning of this week I successfully finished my training as counselor for holistic health. During my training I did not post in the bulletin board. However, I enjoyed reading the posts. I learned a lot during my training. Many topics were explained in a very comprehensible way. The responses posted in the bulletin board were very professional (thank you Mira and team!). (…) I was afraid of the final exam. But fortunately, there was actually no reason to be afraid. The Friday-questions were a good exercise. Thank you very much again for providing this training. I really did learn a lot! Andrea

Christian, Italy

The course material is very interesting and easy to understand. Revising is a bit difficult for me, but this might also be down to my lack of motivation!

Gerlinde, Belgium

Feedback 1: I am totally excited about your distance learning course and I already experienced a couple of "light bulb moments". The material provided by you is well structured and – on top of that – easily to process. I also like reading the comments in the forum that really are additional value to the whole course. All the field reports, questions and answers that fill the comment section are really worth the read. Meanwhile, my own way of eating has become significantly healthier and there were some tips that already helped me and my family to address certain health conditions. However, it is easier for me to learn during the winter months compared to spring or summer (i.e. due to gardening after the job…). Before taking the exam, I will have to repeat all the units extensively as I am afraid not to pass… Best wishes, Gerlinde

Feedback 2: Dear team, Obviously, I’m really glad that I passed the exam. The training was brilliantly interesting, well structured and comprehensible even for laymen. The forum is a good addition and an excellent opportunity to use the learned content in practice; on top of that, questions are being answered quite professionally as well. Kudos to the institute – thank you very much for your efforts. Unfortunately, I am a less active member due to scheduling problems. Still, somehow I always managed to read all the incoming e-mails. Keep it up! Sincerely, Gerlinde

Heidi, Ireland

Thank you that everyone is being taken care of! Your texts are comprehensible and logically structured; learning the content is plain fun! Furthermore, the e-campus is professionally moderated. THANKS.

Kirsten, Luxembourg

Feedback 1: Nice educational course! Until now, I already learnt a lot and was even able to pass on my knowledge to friends. Even though I`m often knackered after returning home from work, I`ll usually try to pick myself up to learn, because this is actually great fun and very exciting.

Feedback 2: Thanks a lot for the great course! I’ve learnt so much and already have been able to pass on my enthusiasm to some future clients. Plus, my employer allows me to use two working hours per week to coach my colleagues. I will set up my own office as a part-time job and in eight years’ time, I will take early retirement to work as a consultant full-time. My own office will enable me to continue living in expensive Luxembourg when I’m older and to work in a job that I really enjoy. Many thanks and best regards from Luxembourg! Kirsten

Miriam, Uganda

The workbooks are excellent; the subject matter is explained in an understandable way. However, it is also a lot to learn... Furthermore, I would like to thank you very much for sending the course material to other countries as well. In Africa, I received my units within 10 days. I think that this is outstandingly excellent!!! However, I would also like to have a short online-test after each unit. In order to check my learning progress and also in order to reduce my fear of the final exam. Kind regards, Miriam

Nicole, Norway

Thank you for the nice time. :)

Odette, Mexico

I once again want to seize the opportunity to thank all of you for this wonderful distance learning course. It really enriched my life and provided me with a second string to my bow, giving me much more security in these difficult times. Even though I took this course while working full-time, I didn`t consider it to be a burden. :)

Rebeca, Chile

Dear team, First of all I wholeheartedly want to thank you - the entire team of the InN - for providing this excellent and unique training program. In spite of my job and accompanying academic studies in musicology I was able to acquire a level of knowledge that helped me to positively change my life in general and my health in particular. Likewise, your website is outstanding. After visiting it, I instantly decided to take the training as it was extremely convincing. :) Kind regards, Rebeca

Rosy, Luxembourg

Right from the beginning I was excited to do this course. I revised 2-4 hours every day and tried different foods and recipes. I even asked my GP to examine me in order to find out what my vitamin and mineral levels looked like. I thought it was that interesting that I’m actually a little bit sad it’s all over now. It became "the normal thing to do" learning another unit every day. The modules were so well written and the Friday questions (my highlights) were simply superb. Every time there was something computer-related I didn’t understand, I quickly got help and, thus, always felt well looked after. I would definitely take this course again. Although I’ve never posted anything in the forum myself, the posts from other students helped me to understand certain topics. The exam wasn’t quite as easy, but still not impossible to pass. Just before taking the exam all these thoughts go through your head: "My head is empty, I’ve forgotten everything." Of course that wasn’t the case, thank God. Maybe I could have done even better in the exam, but the stress does take its tolls in the end. I would like to say thank you for all the guidance and the lovely support. I will continue to go through the modules and learn even more. So far, my dog has definitely improved his health condition thanks to this course – and so have I! Best wishes Rosy

Sandra, Costa Rica

I’m glad that I passed and I would like to thank all parties involved for their support. I’m very happy with the International Academy of Naturopathy’s service. My training has been quite lengthy, but in this way, I was able to internalize all the content much better.


The International Institute of Naturopathy is a renowned provider of distance learning programs on holistic health and nutrition. Graduates from all over the world gave their feedback on this distance learning program to become an Integrative Nutrition and Health Consultant.

International Feedbacks on our Distance Learning Course to Become an Integrative Nutrition and Health Consultant

This article gave you a general overview on our graduates’ experience with our distance learning program to become an Integrative Nutrition and Health Consultant at the International Institute of Naturopathy. We hope we could pique your interest in this program, and we also hope that you enjoyed reading the feedbacks of graduates from all over the world. For further information on the InN and the distance learning program, please use the following links.

Here, you can find a compilation of feedbacks written by foreign participants of our distance learning course to become an Integrative Nutrition and Health Consultant from all over the world.

Feedbacks distance learning nutrition concultant

Click here to visit the International Institute of Naturopathy’s website.

Here, you can order the free and non-binding information brochure of the InN.

Don´t forget to take a look at the trial chapter of the distance learning course to become an Integrative Nutrition and Health Consultant.


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